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From: John Candu
Subject: Elvis & The TrollELVIS & THE TROLL
By John CanduI was hanging out at my favorite park looking for action one afternoon
when a 16 amateur red BMW cruised by slow enough for the driver and I to make eye
contact. He was wearing sunglasses despite the fading light and looked
to be around 20. He had abundant jet-black hair with long sideburns. I'd just seen Elvis.He drove by my car slowly and turned around at girls naked 13 older the dead end and then
parked the Beamer about 20 feet behind me near the bathrooms. Other
cars cruised by with often familiar faces behind the wheel, and I
occasionally nodded or held up a hand in acknowledgment. Elvis didn't move. He was watching me but apparently uncertain how to
proceed. I tapped my brake lights twice and he flashed his headlights.
Ah! Hope at last! He got out and walked nonchalantly toward the wooded
trail. As he stepped past my car I got a better look.My young Elvis was still wearing sunglasses and seemed as nervous as a
burglar discovering he'd broken into S4X PORNO DOG
a police station by mistake. He
kept looking over his shoulder and around the park as if to make sure he
wasn't being followed. Elvis was around 5' 10" and lean, maybe 150
pounds. He wore a blue dress shirt, and a pair of two-sizes-too-small
gray pants that must have been spray-painted on because they were surely
too taut to slip on. They revealed a handsome basket and lovely butt.
He was wearing no belt and no underwear lines were visible. My dick
stirred to life.As he neared the 12y old petite trail entrance our eyes met again and I got out of the
car. He entered the wooded area and by the time I got to the entrance I
found 3 girls cock suck him waiting for me a few yards ahead. Seeing me, he turned and
slowly trekked up the incline. I followed, purposely not catching up
with him too soon, but hanging back a few yards. He kept looking over
his shoulder to make sure I was there. The light under the tree canopy
was getting darker, so he finally took off the sunglasses after
stumbling a couple of times.The trail's first park bench is about a half-mile's 90 lb girl fucked walk, which we
cleared in about 15 minutes. The bench is at the crest of a hill in
thick woods overlooking a pond that the nature path skirts as it winds
on into the trees. From this vantage point we could easily see the trail
in both directions in case unwanted company approached.When I got to the bench, Elvis was sitting with his legs parted wide. "Nice day for a walk," I said, taking a seat next to him."Y-y-y-eah," he said.My Elvis was a stutterer, but honey it didn't Coeds 01 make a bit of difference."What's your name?""R-R-R-R-R-a-a-ymond. A-a-a-nd y-y-yours?""Dale. I'd like to suck your cock, Raymond." I slid close to him and
fondled his dick while I kissed him. He felt my ass as I leaned in. His
lips parted and his tongue explored my mouth. I was having trouble
unzipping him because his pants were so damn tight. Both of his hands
were busy: he was feeling of my dick and tweaking my left tit
simultaneously when I asked him for help getting his pants down.He sucked in his stomach and freed his dick with a 15 girls nude single motion that
unlatched the waistband."R-r-r-r-raymond" had as fine a dick as I've ever seen. Long but
slender, it was the type I could amateur license kf4mit suck on for hours. He remained seated
and I got down between his legs and took his 44 e bust beautiful organ into my
mouth. What made this encounter so particularly satisfying for me was that
Raymond -- obviously more nervous than I had guessed -- had lost his
erection by the time my mouth engulfed his penis. There's nothing I
like better than to get a soft dick in my mouth and then bring it to
life, suck it without mercy, feel it dump its juice and then get soft
all over again. So many times my love-interest has a raging hard-on, is
seeking immediate relief, and face-fucks like a jackhammer. Not so with
Raymond.My tongue felt his meat grow from medium-soft to hard, and I
mouth-fucked it on my knees for several minutes until finally he'd
calmed down enough to allow his dick to rise to its full majesty. I was
getting so turned on, feeling the way the cock moved and thrust and 30 gal metal barrel

enlarged in my oral cavity that I thought I might non nude16 come in my pants.
Raymond was clearly enjoying my work but at the same perverted sex 6 time wasn't in a
hurry. 911 nudes Just my kinda guy.I was gangbang girl 39
on my knees in pine straw that seemed dry enough at first. But
water from last night's rain was seeping through getting my pants legs
wet. Removing his cock just long enough to ask that we move over a few
steps, Raymond rose, stepped over to dryer ground with me following him
-- my mouth locked to his cock. I then settled into a steady
fuck-pattern with his cock entering in long, steady strokes.I tongued his pee hole, tongue-washed his crown, licked and sucked his
balls, but, most of all, I sucked that shaft in and out of my mouth as
if we had all the time in the world."S-s-s-somebody's c-c-coming!" he said.For a moment I thought he was saying that HE was about to cum. So my
efforts reached a quick crescendo and Raymond blasted cum in my mouth
-- but he pulled his dick away before finishing. He was still spurting
-- cum flying everywhere -- as he tried to stuff 7 songs sex scene it back into his pants."There's someone on the trail!!" he said. I felt his anxiety escalating
but noticed his stutter was cured.Then I understood. I looked toward the pond. There was no question as to
whether the hiker was close enough to see what we were doing -- he
woulda had to be blind not to.Raymond panicked and fumbled with his pants and before I could say a
word he was bustling toward the park as he wrestled with the tight
latch. By then the hiker was at the bench and I was still on my knees.
I still had Raymond's 16 amateur first sweet wad of cum in my mouth and I
swallowed.The hiker was a troll: a short, balding geezer in his mid-sixties. The
little fat man was wearing a white tee shirt with the sleeves cut out
and bright yellow polyester jogging shorts. He was a bear with curly
gray hair covering his arms and knobby legs.I got up, frustrated at the invasion, and turned to go back to my car. "Wait! Please!"I looked over my shoulder and the hiker pulled up one leg of his jogging
shorts. Out dropped one of the longest softies I've ever seen. I
stopped dead in my tracks. No telling how big that thing would be when
erect."It wouldn't take much to get me off," he said. "Will you?"I was walking toward him before he finished speaking. I had to touch
it! What a man he was! He was uncut and the head was emerging as he
became engorged. I took it in my mouth to feel the softness grow hard
and ran my tongue under the porn 8 tube
hood and all around the head. Before his
cock got too long, I deep-throated it several times, enjoying the
growing stiffness of cockmeat in my throat.The man was now breathing hard. He had his hands on his hips and I saw
the wedding band.I pulled back and said, "You're married?"Looking pained 1492 latin america
that I had stopped, he replied, "Yeah, but I like
blowjobs and she won't 16 throat quilter
do it."I perverted sex 6
returned to my task. 3-d kid porn I kissed it, jacked it, sucked a hickey on it.
When he was near cuming I assumed a steady but brisk fucking that
allowed my tongue to slide under the sensitive head and shaft as the
crown dove down my throat. He began moaning and I began jacking his
shaft with one hand, cradling his balls in the other, as my tongue
fluttered beneath the head. Man! did he cum!! He blasted like Old
Faithful. I took it all down and squeezed the shaft with my lips for
more.His cock got soft again and non nude16 I continued swallowing the meat. Finally, I
pulled back, letting it slip from my lips with a strand of cum keeping
us connected.The man wiped sweat off his brow. "I can't thank you enough!"As I walked to my car, I re-played the day's events and shook my head in
wonder. There I had, in a single hour, sucked off both the beauty and
the beast!
If you have story ideas, please drop me a note at
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